Safe & Clean



  • The safety of our guests and staff is of primary importance so here is an announcement of the new measures we have put in place.
  • Our trusted cleaning team of three people have worked at Royal Parade Apartments for over five years now.  So no new faces!   What is new is that they will all wear facemasks for extra protection for you.
  • What is new is that we are extended the cleaning period of turnarounds to 3 hours.  This is so that all surfaces can be wiped down every time including those in communal areas.  Also we will be putting organic hand sanitisers in every apartment.
  • Also new is that the windows in the apartments will be fully open during the cleaning periods.  This follows a report in New Scientist 23 May 2020 that good ventilation prevents airborne infections.
  • We use the best organic household cleaner – Dr.  Bonner’s Sal Suds Biodegradable Cleaner.  This 2 x more concentrated that traditional detergents, has no additives and is scented only with fir and spruce essential oils.  Safe and Clean.
  • Each apartment is home from home and provided with own cleaning materials and new rubber gloves etc.
  • We have recently refurbished The Print Room so everything is brand new!  It has been painted with Graphenstone Paint, global manufacturer of the first 100% natural mineral paint.
  • Also new, the floorboards in the other apartments have all been redone and repainted in the lockdown for extra hygiene.  We have recently refurbished all the apartments.
  • 100 square metres  staircarpet was replaced in February so again is new.


  1. Code for Front Door and self check in.  Entrance Hall 1.75 metres wide opening out to 2.5 metres at bottom of stairs.
  2. Double staircase over 1 metre wide either up or down, no crossing on stairs necessary as large landings.
  3. Each apartment has its own front door and entrance hall with self check in facilities.
Royal Parade Apartments

Royal Parade Hallway