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We look for truly sustainable eco-conscious solutions that make sense for both our guests, our business, Harrogate and North Yorkshire, always looking to reduce the long-term environmental impact for both our society and our planet. It is a systemic approach that recognises that what happens in one part of a system affects every other part.

It is important to name at the beginning that we have owned 9 Royal Parade for over 40 years and have lovingly restored it throughout that time.  It is a fine period Victorian building located directly opposite and with stunning views of Harrogate’s most iconic spa building The Royal Pump Room. The history of our building is that it was designed and built c 1856 by Pickersgill Palliser, an eminent Harrogate inhabitant who first recorded the “List of Visitors” to the Sulphur Wells in Low Harrogate in 1834 and went on to found the newspaper The Harrogate Advertiser and Weekly List of Visitors.

We are proud to Honour Harrogate’s History by acknowledging that its fame and wealth are rooted in its reputation for its medicinal spring waters. The Royal Pump Room built over the original Sulphur Well becoming the leading Spa in Europe in the late 19th and early 20th Century.  Royal Parade took its name as the principle promenade for the Crowned Heads of Europe who came to take the ‘waters’ for Health & Happiness.

Over the years we have both lived in 9A Royal Parade and let it out but in all that time we have tirelessly restored both the exterior and the outstanding period interior architecture preserving all its original features including the elaborate cornices, fireplaces and original staircase with mahogany handrail.   Our passion for protecting the best of the past for the future has always been part of who we are.

In 2008 we converted 9A Royal Parade into 3 luxury period individual designed self-catering apartments all on separate floors and with stunning views of the Royal Pump Room.  We installed double glazing and insulation in a complete makeover.  In 2020 we converted the mezzanine floor into another 4th apartment which we decorated using Graphenstone paint, the most advanced solution on the market for natural and ecological paints.  In all our renovation projects we have always had a green ethos.  We have always used Harrogate based independent tradesmen thereby supporting local businesses.   All the apartments have recycled antique radiators and are furnished and designed with antiques and preloved objects, the ultimate in recycling.  All soft furnishings are made of 100% natural fabrics.  We offer home from home facilities and supply Taylors Yorkshire Teas and Harrogate Spring Water and supply Yorkshire breakfast menus.  We use only organically sourced cleaning materials and recycled paper products.  We supply organic shampoos and soaps.  Our energy is supplied by Total, a supplier for natural gas and power. We only use LED lighting.  In the communal hall, we offer our own recycling bins for the guests for paper and glass, in recycled antique wash tub and chest.  Putting the recycling in the recycled.

All the apartments have Welcome Books with Our Green Ethos & The History of 9A Royal Parade.


Harrogate has a main line train station 15 minutes walk from the apartments.  We offer Car Free Breaks.  We are members of Zero Carbon Harrogate.

Our location means that the centre of Harrogate and its myriad of shops, restaurants and historic buildings are all within easy walking distance, so we offer the best of both worlds for walking.  In our Welcome Book we list the Organic Shops and the Restaurants all within a ten minute walk.

GREEN SPACES IN HARROGATE  maps and more information in Welcome Books in apartments.

The Green Stray Harrogate

In these modern times we are now able to look at the bigger picture of what creating a sustainable future means for our planet.  This means reducing our carbon footprint through avoiding car journeys where possible.  Once again we turn to Harrogate’s unique geological history and intrinsic links to its natural springs for inspiration and solutions. The first medicinal spring waters were discovered in 1571 at Tewit Well in High Harrogate by William Slingsby and is England’s oldest spa.   The reputation of these medicinal waters rose from the 1660’s and by the end of the century many more springs had been discovered.  There are eighty five springs and wells within two miles of the Royal Pump Room Museum, including thirty five in the nearby Valley Gardens.  Sixteen of these were used medicinally.  The waters came from an ancient geological sea far below the earth’s surface and rise up through faults in the carboniferous rock. The following are Harrogate’s green spaces.

The Green Stray, Harrogate (one minute from Royal Parade)

In 1778 around 200 acres of open grassland (once part of the Forest of Knaresborough) which surrounds around the centre of Harrogate.  In 1778 its importance to the spa it was protected for the use of the public by an Act of Parliament and was designated for unimpeded access by the public to the mineral wells.  This open spacious grassland also provided physical exercise which was recognised as a necessary adjunct to good health as well as the spa waters.  During the Victorian period, trees were planted around the Stray’s perimeter to add to the aesthetic qualities.  In the Spring the Stray is awash with colour and flowers.  It represents the Green Values Harrogate has to offer in pursuit of Health and Happiness even around the town.

Valley Gardens (17 acre waterside park)

One minute from the Royal Pump Room is the entrance to Valley Gardens an English Heritage Grade II listed gardens situated in regal Low Harrogate.  Valley Gardens was developed in 1887 as an outdoor recreation area for visitors to the Spa to enhance the health benefits of ‘taking the waters.’  However it is not just a park, it contains a wonder of the natural world, where a greater number of unique mineral springs (36) come to the surface than at any other know place on earth!  With the glamorous name of Bogs Field it is sited behind the Old Magnesia Well Café.  It has themed  gardens, floral displays and historic buildings, tennis courts and crazy golf.

The Pinewoods 96 acres of semi-natural woodland of mixed native, deciduous and evergreen species.  accessed by walking through Valley Gardens. There are numerous footpaths. We are members of Pinewoods Conservation Group, a 15 minute walk from Royal Parade.

Harlow Carr Gardens RHS 58 acres of outstanding natural gardens accessed through Valley Gardens and the Pinewoods.  The RHS is keen to promote green initiatives and offer green travel discounts.  Specially designed gardens reflecting the Yorkshire landscape with trails, a log maze and Betty’s tea rooms.  A perfect green day out.

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