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Royal Parade Apartment-Hotel...Our Historical Connection

A Right Royal Welcome

"Following in the Tradition of 1910 as 'The Place to Stay'"

By 1910, Harrogate was at the zenith of its popularity as the leading spa in Europe with over 100,000 treatments given in the spa annually, 6328 visitors per week were recorded and over 120 passenger trains entered each day. Offering 'the cure' from the spring waters of the naturally occurring artesian wells, Harrogate became renowned as a second home for visiting royalty for the season. The Royals soon recognised that staying in a hotel or small rooms did not provide them the opportunity to offer hospitality to other visiting nobility or hold court. So emerged the advent of Royals renting apartments where they could privately entertain in grand style in spacious, elegant rooms.

Royal Parade was named because it was indeed where the Crowned Heads of Europe promenaded and was known as 'the place to be'. Consequently, 9A Royal Parade became the 'place to stay' as it directly overlooked Harrogate's most prominent spa, The Royal Pump Room, where literally thousands of people came to take the waters each day.

Royal Parade was built in 1846, just after the construction of the Royal Pump Room. 9A was designed to offer accommodation that would befit royalty, with grand entrance hall, wide sweeping staircase and high ceiling and offering three large apartments on three separate floors; all with stunning views of the Royal Pump Room gloriously domed copper tiled roof and the cobbled picturesque Crown Place.

Opened in April 2010, under the highly experienced hands of interior design duo, mother and daughter, Janet and Tanya Love, Royal Parade Apartment-Hotel once again offers 3 elegant, spacious and gracious luxury eco-chic apartments in which to stay and entertain. The Royale Apartment, offering a blend of Parisienne style, both traditional and contemporary, with high ceilings and elaborate cornices, antique French doors, gilt mirrors and chandeliers. The Rajasthan Apartment, offering a soft palette of colours, antique Indian doors, furniture and lanterns. The Brooklyn Apartment, offering the very best in eclectic style from vintage, retro to fabulous flea market.

Janet and Tanya recognised that of course, in 1910 the Royals travelled with an entourage of valets, butlers and maids. We now offer Royal Parade Services, which includes Housekeeping using ecological products, in house Cordon Bleu cook using local, seasonal and organic ingredients, and Personal Check In and Check Out and Daily fact anything to ensure your stay feels like a home from home in royal style.

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Royal Parade Luxury Boutique Eco-Chic Apartment-Hotel

Our Eco-Friendly Philosophy and How We Implement It

We pride ourselves in offering Royal Parade Apartments as an Eco-Chic Apartment Hotel. We have endeavoured to create the ultimate in eco-friendly design through restoring the original period architecture, layout and fittings, and complementing it by using recycled, second-hand and antique furniture and furnishings. All the refurbishment was carried out by small independent local Yorkshire Companies.

Royal Parade Apartment-Hotel demonstrates how a period building can be sensitively renovated keeping a clear reference to the past but also nodding to other cultures and styles, which is the hallmark of innovative interior design in the 21st Century. Each apartment offers an aspirational brand of luxury eco-chic accomodation, combining beauty, function and environmental awareness, flawlessly executed and full of heart and soul. A holistic approach is what we believe in, ultimately creating harmonious interiors which lift the spirits.

We are also Eco-Friendly because we have only used 100% ethically sourced natural fabrics and carpets, and used low VOC paints. We have installed automatic lighting and are committed to recycling in our efforts to reduce our impact on the environment. We only use environmentally-friendly cleaning products which ensure that the spaces are healthy and free from harmful chemicals and allergens. The bath products are sourced from a small Harrogate company CocoonU and are hand-made locally from natural and organic ingredients.

Our Welcome Pack includes products predominantly made in Harrogate and Yorkshire. Our catering is prepared and homemade by our In House Cordon Bleu Cook, using seasonal Yorkshire produce.  

Royal Parade Apartment-Hotel offers the perfect Car Free Break. The whole of Harrogate's amenities, including restaurants, cafes, bars, shops, and it's railway station, are within a few minutes walk. A stone's throw away is 17acres of Valley Gardens, chosen by Allen Titchmarsh as his favourite public park in England. It is possible to walk through Valley Gardens through to the Pinewoods. This provides 96 acres of semi-natural woodland with predominantly native and indigenous trees. This 1km walk then leads on to the Royal Horticultural Society Centre of Harlow Carr Gardens. These 58 acre gardens stand on what was once part of the Forest of Knaresborough, an ancient Royal Hunting Ground. Here you can enjoy some of the best horticulture in Yorkshire, which is open 364 days a year. The varied landscapes include woodland, streamside and wild-flower meadows.  

We are proud of our historical association with Harrogate. Royal Parade was aptly named becasue it was indeed where the Crowned Heads of Europe promenaded when Harrogate was the zenith of it's popularity as the leading Spa in Europe. (See About page for more details of our historical connections).

We do this not as a marketing strategy, rather it is simply what we believe in...and is our small contribution to sustainable tourism in Harrogate and Yorkshire. We also offer Royal Parade Apartments for free for a minumum of 7 nights a year, supporting local Harrogate based charities in their events and fundraising. For example this year, Help for Hero's, Harrogate Rugby Club, and Angelo's Angel 4th Annual Ball in aid of Myeloma UK, the proceeds of which will be donated to the Yorkshire Myeloma Research Centre.